Sentiment For Sale

I was cleaning out the dreaded clutter in my closet and there I rediscovered a deeply buried sentimental treasure.  My dear mother.  There she was dusty, still intact, strong, classy, weathered to style. I wouldn’t dare say ancient but vintage, nonetheless. The sight of her made my heart flutter, rewind rewind, stop, play it right there…ahh, there she is getting ready to toss it out into a yard sale, a barrel handbag satchel, that no longer suited her.  This bag held the world for her and was magical.  There inside the barrel handbag was a grocery store, pharmacy, kitchen with a refrigerator, extra clothes, umbrella, make-up, lotion, clowns, toys, you know….a mommy’s world.  Not my style of bag, but its rare shape, brown leather, a side “breathing” hole, and the tarnished turn-lock attracted me.  Plus, I couldn’t possibly part ways since my brother and I grew up around that bag.  She gladly handed it into my possession and in return witnessed that her barrel days did not go unnoticed.

Has anyone put up a sentiment for sale?  What’s your story?

By the way, my mom still carries a “mommy bag” for us….

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  1. Jo-Anne says:

    Love it! Very practical and classical styling.

  2. I agree with Jo-Anne. This is such a practical yet classic looking purse! And it will easily fit on those bag hooks that you can attach to your closet door or those hanging canvas shelves that you can hang from your closet rods!

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