Sequins- Yes No Maybe

To this day, I still have mixed feelings about sequins.  All that shines and glitters is alluring but I don’t find them practical and having longevity.  The eyes go immediately to the missing spot – yes, you have one sequin missing, right there.  How do you wear and not damage?  How do you make sure you come home with every 436,898 pieces?  Are you going to sit or stand in that sequin dress?  Oh, excuse me!  Here, I think this sequin piece belongs to you.  Ugh, what beautiful disaster!

Now, there are exceptions  to exceptions.  I do admire and appreciate the work that went on behind the scenes so that we may shine with style.  Talk about details, right?  So in my case, I carry it instead of wearing it.

This is a glamorous sequin evening purse that I’ve proudly carried for many years with all of its original pieces in place.  Ok, I admit that I haven’t used it often but but but….and never mind its compartment size.  Do keep in mind, it’s an evening bag.  This sequin purse is flirty, fun, always looking fresh and it’s a Yes for me!

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  1. Zoe says:

    LOVE the sequins.

  2. Zoe says:

    LOVE sequins. Party essential.

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